About Us

Why, who and what is 360° Factory?

Well, in trying to keep this relatively short and comprehensible let us try this angle:

360° (as in 360° Factory) means that we are mainly working with 360° photography. And that was true in the beginning. It all started in 2003 when Michael was introduced to this technology. He loved it and learned how to produce his own 360° Virtual Tours.

Time went by and he got involved with "business guys" who wanted to make millions out of this type of imagery. Long story short, after doing business for a period of 2 years he ended up with knowledge about not only 360° photography, the market place, but also how he wanted to run his life in terms of making a living as a photographer.

Out of this business period came another guy (Øyvind, founder of Arctic 360) who had the same idea of how to make things happen. Other people fancied this way of making a living and joined. Today there are some 10-15 people working part-time or full-time.

We are not a normal company with fancy titles. We are a group of like minded people that share the fun and freedom that one experience from running ones own "business". Nobody is an expert, we are all both teachers and students. Our body of knowledge is growing every day and we all share freely with each other.

Factory (as in 360° Factory) means that all production of 360° Virtual Tours are done in one location. The photographer sends his images off to Michael who assemble the tours. Everybody could, if they wanted, produce their own tours and save a tiny bit of money, but it seems that all is pleased with the present arrangements.

The reason it became a "factory" was because Øyvind asked Michael if he could "take care of production" so that he could focus on sales and photography. After all, putting together a 360° Flash Tour takes new knowledge and for most people learning flash is a rather boring task.

"The Factory" has now put together over a thousand tours since start and that may be impressive to some but we are always judged on the photos produced today, not 5 years ago (and thank God for that). Our picture quality as well as our 360 Viewer is improving as we move along.

Please check out our portfolio to see a fraction of what we have produced for clients located in nine different countries. Thanks for reading all this text and we look forward to hear from you, or contact any of the distributors.